Authentic love allows us to grow as a couple

and learn about each other.

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy sessions provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to work through distressing emotions, thoughts and patterns between you and your partner.

When working with a couple, I am interested in helping both of you develop trustworthiness toward each other, be more open to each other, and feeling safe to reach for each other in times of need. My focus is on the emotional message you send to each other. I will help you reverse your negative cycle to create a new dance: the dance of closeness and connection.

When a couple receives therapy to repair their relationship they often describe obstacles relating to communication, jealousy and infidelity.  An equally common issue that effects couples are sexual disorders or dysfunctions. Statistically, 50-70% of couples identify relationship distress originating from sexual problems. In a long-term relationship, sex acts as a form of attachment for couples, helping them feel safe and connected. Click here to read more about sex therapy for couple.

According to research, couples typically wait six years before seeking help. Looking to find the right therapist to assist you in your challenging time is a humble first step toward a fulfilled relationship.

“In a safe secure relationship hurts happen and hurts are repaired. Injured partners can reach safely to share their pain. Offending partners tune into injured partners’ pain in an attuned way that shows they truly feel the painful impact. Emotionally attuned, reaching and responding restores the bond. “

Johnson, 2008

Concerns commonly addressed.

  • There is too much distance in the relationship
  • Presence of  feeling that one partner feel uncared for or ignored
  • Certain topics are avoided so partners won’t argue?
  • Feeling criticized
  • The arguments tend to go in circle and never get resolved
  • The routine took over, the relationship misses momentums
  • Affair and infidelity
  • Adapting to the reality of becoming a parent
  • Dealing with past or present repercussion of additive behaviors

What to Expect


Through our first few sessions, I am taking the time to unpack my clients’ reality and motif of consultation gently. These first sessions are fundamental because therapeutic work can only happen if there is a sense of comfort and trust in the room. While learning about my clients, I assess the situation, the presence of emotional patterns, recurrent challenges and clients’ strengths. I call this first stage de-escalation as we are looking to frame and identify the negative cycle that keeps individuals and couples stuck. At the end of this stage, clients begin to recognize their cycle as the enemy of their situation – are capable to step out of the cycle as it happens – express hope – and show openness to their partner or other individuals in their life.


During the second stage, clients begin to feel the benefits of the therapy. Individuals and couples can now access and engage with their emotional experience. Emotions are no longer foreign or frightening. The focus on this stage is restructuring the bond within oneself or between the partners. Clients describe it as the opening phase through which their fears are no longer triggering. They can be responsive and emotionally engaged with one another in a more natural manner. An inner sense of peace and bonding events mark the transition toward the third stage.


With the need for closeness being restored, clients are consolidating their therapeutic gain. They enact new positions in their ways of living and engage in constructive cycles with others, including their partner. The end of the final stage is no better to describe by the ability to turn towards a significant other in time of need with ease and comfort. In addition, couples are offering mutual support to each other and shape new solutions to pragmatic issues.

If you align with any of the above, and ready to step in a journey to live fully and freely, schedule a phone consultation to get started.

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