Supporting people on a journey

to live fully and freely.

Registered Clinical Counsellor and Sex Therapist

Hi, I’m Marie-Pier

Licensed Psychotherapist and sex therapist

My passion for counselling began in Montreal at a center for sexual trauma where I focused on healing through empowerment. After years of leading therapeutic groups, individual sessions, workshops on sexual health and psychological awareness, I realized that we are bonding individuals and life is enhanced when we can feel comfortably vulnerable in the presence of a close other.

I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a registered clinical counsellor and sex therapist. My work helps clients experience what they are longing for, embrace themselves, improve their relationship, and foster comfort. At a more intimate level, I work on strengthening sexual bonds, and ability to exchange affection naturally.

I love my work. Witnessing the courage, strength and determination of my clients as they confront and overcome their biggest fears is inspirational. It never gets old. I feel honoured to share that journey with you.

Being bilingual allows me to welcome both, English and French individuals who are looking to live fully and freely.

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Therapeutic Values


Authentic Attunement

As human beings, we are longing for a felt sense of connection. When our close ones are not accessible, responsive, or emotionally engaged, triggering feelings arise. My target in therapy is about shaping authentic attunement within oneself, and between partners.



One of the main therapeutic goals is helping clients to view themselves with compassion rather than judgment. In therapy, individuals’ ways of managing distress are seen as perfectly reasonable ways of coping that were once adaptive. The therapeutic process helps individuals reviewing their strategies to fit the present context. I see my clients as courageous human beings who strive to live fully and freely.


Honoring Culture

I aim to assist individuals with a culturally attuned lens. I promote openness and curiosity towards each individual and couple as a culture unto itself. I also explicitly integrates individuals unique cultural backgrounds to formulate sensitive and respectful interventions.


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